Why Do You Need Electrolytes If You Eat A Healthy Diet?

Did you know that if you eat healthy, you pee more? You also lose greater amounts of sodium. Scroll down to read the blog post and find out why this happens and what it means.

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Why do you need electrolytes if you eat a healthy diet?

1. Eating a clean, healthy diet, which is low in sugar, refined carbs and processed food, will reduce your insulin levels, sometimes quite dramatically.

2. When insulin is lower, it signals to your body to reduce fluid. You'll urinate more, especially in the first few weeks of eating better. One welcome consequence is lower blood pressure.

3. Along with the increased loss of fluid comes the loss of electrolytes, especially sodium. There's a name for this - it's called natriuresis.

4. Healthy diets also contain much less sodium. Processed food has an abundance of salt. When you cut out the junk, your sodium intake will be lower.

5. So, we have a situation where your body is losing more sodium than usual, and you're also consuming less sodium. You can see the problem.

6. A shortage of sodium doesn't feel good. We can't hydrate properly because we need sodium to hold water. Fatigue, brain fog, headaches and reduced exercise performance are common symptoms of a lack of sodium.

7. Fortunately, the remedy is simple and works instantly for most people. Supplementing with electrolytes, especially higher sodium, and drinking more water is the fix. People simply don't realise how much they need to replace or how much better they will feel.

8. Potassium and magnesium are also reduced through fluid loss, though not to the same extent as sodium. A good electrolyte product should have the right amounts of sodium, potassium and magnesium.

9. Electrolyte supplementation is a cornerstone for success with your healthy eating plan. You'll feel better, you'll perform better, and you won't suffer from muscle cramps.

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