About REVIVE And What We Stand For

We’re a team of health enthusiasts and biohackers who have transformed our health by learning what, and when, to eat. At REVIVE, we believe diet is the biggest lever to improve health. How do we know this? Because, for the first time in a century, hundreds of thousands of people, from all corners of the globe, have lost weight sustainably, dumped their blood pressure pills, reversed chronic illness and improved performance, simply by changing what they eat. Tragically, this knowledge is still not widespread. We need thousands to be millions, then billions. But, make no mistake, there is a health revolution underway, and we are part of it. Our mission is to help people lead healthier, more active, lives.

Eating real food, reducing sugar and refined carbohydrates, and consuming healthy fats are the cornerstones to health. What to avoid is equally important. Ditching processed food and industrial seed oils is a great start. Alongside what to eat, the timing of "when to eat", has become highly relevant, as Intermittent Fasting sweeps the world. It turns out that "breakfast as the most important meal of the day" was nothing more than food industry propaganda. Thankfully, that, and many other ideas, long thought of as gospel, are no longer believable. Anyone for 6 small meals a day?

Exercise too, has been shaken-up. The terms "HIIT" and "Zone 2" have entered the lexicon. Lactate threshold is becoming a thing. The benefits of training in a fasted state are now understood by more people. And, resistance training, historically regarded with skepticism by the cardio army, is now widely accepted as non-negotiable. After all, muscle mass is the currency of healthy ageing. We all need to lift heavy things!

New modalities of health and wellness are becoming popular too, as the benefits are shown scientifically and popular culture takes hold. Cold water immersion, sauna, breathwork and meditation are no longer fringe practices.

What does all this have to do with electrolytes? Well, amid the explosion of people wanting to age better, move better and avoid chronic illness, sits hydration. In years past, electrolytes were the provenance of endurance athletes and doctors treating diarrhoea. No longer. Hydration (water + electrolytes) is now seen as foundational to a healthy lifestyle. But, not just any electrolyte will do. The formulation is crucial. Higher sodium, sufficient magnesium, no sugar, no additives and clean ingredients are the keys. It sounds simple enough, but getting the flavours right and the ingredients to work synergistically, and not to clump, is easier said than done.

With REVIVE (and our sister brand, REPOWR in the UK), we set out to create a world-class product with real efficacy and a brand centred on one thing only - great hydration. While other supplement companies race to develop more and more products, we remain committed to the idea that people need less supplements. Most don't work anyway. And, nutrients should come from food, with rare exceptions. A well-formulated electrolyte is one of those. We are the anti-supplement supplement company. Above all else, we are a health company.

REVIVE is formulated with real, unprocessed salt from Oryx Desert Salt. Coming from the remote Kalahari desert, it is one of the cleanest, most unpolluted sodium sources in the world and is fully sustainable. We have refined and improved our product numerous times since launching in South Africa 2021. We've added more flavours. We're constantly tinkering with packaging. And now, we have a brand, recognised, used and loved by tens of thousands of health conscious customers. They do so for many reasons, but the primary reason is that our product works. It makes people feel better. It allows them to perform better. And it helps them drink more water, fast longer and live healthier.

Despite our success, we aspire to something more than just a great product. You see, we believe that a great brand must treat each customer with uncommon respect, fairness, dignity and speed. Going the extra mile is normal for us. Each email, comment and message is answered personally. We think a lot about logistics and customer experience. There's a name for this approach - it's called Unreasonable Hospitality (thanks Simon Sinek and Will Guidara). As much as we focus on product, people are the essence. We hope that your dealings with us always leave you feeling like a guest in our home.

Our next chapter prioritises global expansion. South Africa can produce visionary brands with exceptional products, despite the sometimes challenging environment. Our goal is to be another one of these rare birds. We aim to bring our brand, our product and our service to a place near you, integrated into your local ecosystem, embracing your culture.

For our existing South African customers, thank you for your love and support. We are expanding our distribution and coming to more places that are convenient. Let us know how we can serve you better or drop us a line at hello@getrevive.co.za.

Here’s to a healthy future!