Carefully Chosen Ingredients

There are no short-cuts to a great product, especially one that is truly healthy. We'd like to share the thought process behind each ingredient in our formulation.

To start with, REVIVE contains no chemicals, colouring, fillers or artificial ingredients. Nothing should be added that isn't necessary. Things like colouring are a red flag for us. They are designed to trick your senses - typical industry behaviour that we don't want any part of.

All our ingredients are chosen for quality and purity. Through a special partnership with Oryx Desert Salt, our sodium comes from one of the cleanest sources in the world - ancient and unpolluted, with no micro-plastics.

Our main electrolyte ingredients are sodium chloride, potassium chloride and magnesium malate. The chloride form of sodium and potassium provides the negatively charged chloride, which is also an electrolyte, needed for cellular hydration. Magnesium comes in many forms (glycinate, taurate, citrate etc). Our malate form helps with ATP (energy) creation and is well-tolerated, in other words unlikely to cause GI distress.

Electrolyte salts on their own are unpleasant to drink (think of sea-water). We add sodium citrate and calcium carbonate (also electrolytes) to soften the tartness of the other salts. For flavour, we use high-quality, imported natural, spray-dried flavour that gives REVIVE its great taste. The aroma is distinctly noticeable when opening the sachet.

For sweetness, we use stevia leaf extract. The unpalatable saltiness of electrolytes needs some sweetness. In the health world, sweetness is always controversial. There are only a handful of sweetener choices that meet our criteria, which are:

1. Non-artificial ie natural. This rules out things like sucralose

2. Non-caloric, which rules out many

3. Non-glycemic, meaning it causes no rise in blood sugar

4. Insulin neutral, meaning it doesn't provoke an insulin response

5. Easy on the gut, which excludes xylitol, erythritol and other sugar alcohols

6. Powdered, which rules out syrups like yacon

We chose stevia. We could have used monk fruit perhaps, or allulose. In addition to meeting all the above criteria, stevia doesn’t have a lingering aftertaste, pairs well with electrolyte salts and because it is much sweeter than sugar (unlike alluose or erythritol), a tiny amount is required for each sachet.

The final ingredient is citric acid, needed for freshness and to preserve quality. Citric acid is found in citrus fruit; particularly high quantities are in lemons.

By sharing the thought process behind the formulation, we hope to provide transparency, facilitate understanding and help customers develop confidence in our brand.