The Perfect Hydration Formula

Electrolytes for Health, Fasting and Performance
Why REVIVE Works

Most hydration products do not have enough electrolytes or the right ratio. They contain sugar and other additives. REVIVE is scientifically formulated to give you all that you need, without the things you donโ€™t.

Benefits You Will Feel

Hydration has a big impact on your body and mind. Electrolytes are needed to maintain fluid volume, keep muscles pumping and nerves firing, including your billions of brain neurons.

REVIVE helps you feel better, function better and perform better.

Who Should Take REVIVE?

Healthy Diet

REVIVE helps those eating lower carb (keto, paleo, carnivore, whole-food) to avoid fatigue and headaches. Stops annoying muscle cramps. Supports your healthy lifestyle. Succeed with your journey to better health.

Intermittent Fasting

REVIVE is fasting friendly, with no sugar, calories or artificial ingredients. Get the brain boost to focus and energy to keep going. Reduces hunger and fatigue. If you feel better, you'll fast longer and stronger.

Exercise Performance

REVIVE replaces electrolytes in the right ratio, without the sugar. We keep you hydrated while you control carb intake. Maintains fluid volume. Supports neuromuscular function. Prevents muscle cramps. The hotter it is, the better you'll be.

Carefully chosen ingredients

There are no shortcuts to a great product. We source ingredients from around the world. We don't use chemicals, colouring or additives (like anti-caking agents). Nothing artificial either.

Our electrolytes come from sodium chloride, potassium chloride and magnesium malate.

Our salt is from the ancient Kalahari - pristine and unpolluted - through a special partnership with Oryx Desert Salt.


REVIVE has changed the way I look at daily hydration. It has become my preferred source. Tastes great and packs all you need in one sachet โ€“ plenty sodium, potassium and magnesium.

John O'Connor (Competitive Cyclist & Owner of John O'Connor Cycles)

Best electrolyte mix on the market. REVIVE gives you true hydration needed for optimal function.

Robyn P. (Integrative Nutrition and Health Coach)

I have incorporated a daily dose of REVIVE electrolytes into my afternoon sessions and find I no longer get energy dips. Because REVIVE has no carbs or calories, it fits perfectly with my Low Carb lifestyle.

Mark L. (Movement Coach & Personal Trainer)

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