Intermittent Fasting? Why You Need Electrolytes

If you practice intermittent fasting, scroll down to learn why you need electrolytes.

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Intermittent Fasting? Why You Need Electrolytes

1. Fasting, or time restricted feeding, cuts the intake of food and calorie-containing liquids for a set period of time.

2. When you don't eat, you don't get the minerals that convert to electrolytes. Your body can't make these either.

3. Furthermore, in a fasted state, insulin levels drop (a very good thing!) In fact, one of the main benefits of fasting - perhaps the key benefit - is to reset your insulin sensitivity. 

4. When insulin is low, water loss increases more than usual. You'll often notice going to the bathroom frequently. And, along with water loss, out go electrolytes. The main electrolyte lost is sodium - this is called "fasting natriuresis."

5. The combination of water loss, electrolyte loss, and no incoming minerals creates a situation of electrolyte deficiency and mild dehydration. Drinking plain water doesn't help. In fact, it often makes the problem worse by diluting remaining electrolytes and peeing even more.

6. Feelings of fatigue, brain fog, lethargy and headaches occur, and muscle cramps are common. This exacerbates hunger and often leads to people giving up their fast, or just feeling too uncomfortable, especially when trying to work at the same time.

7. The remedy is simple. A clean, calorie-free, electrolyte with the right concentration of minerals and sufficient sodium in particular, is all you need, along with your water. It doesn't break your fast.

8. Clean means no sugar, artificial ingredients or chemicals.

9. Hydrating properly, with the right electrolytes, is an almost instant-fix for fasting blues. There is some evidence that getting these essential minerals also helps to quell hunger. Voila. Two big birds with one stone.

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