Electrolytes For Intermittent Fasting

Many people now practice some form of intermittent fasting (IF) or time-restricted feeding (TRF). The goal of IF is to consume no (or very few) calories for a certain period of time. There's a big distinction between fasting less than 24 hours, for example the popular 18:6 method, and multi-day fasting which is more demanding and requires more care.

One of the main physiological benefits of IF is to re-sensitize ourselves to insulin. This basically means our insulin works more efficiently and we need less insulin to do its job. Being able to achieve insulin sensitivity is a key principle of health and anti-aging. Another benefit of IF is to give our bodies a rest from digestion.

There are different fasting protocols, each with their own do's and don'ts. For example, there are water-only fasts, fat fasts, and fast mimicking diets. And there are different objectives, for example weight loss, diabetes reversal, general health, anti-aging, anti-cancer and autophagy (associated with cellular "clean-up" and repair).

Electrolytes are important for IF, not just to feel better and get through the fast, but because our bodies lose more water and electrolytes than usual, and we aren't getting any electrolytes from food.

Taking REVIVE with water has many benefits for IF including

- Fewer headaches

- Reduced muscle cramps

- Less fatigue

- Clearer thinking and focus

- More energy

- Less hunger

What is allowed during IF? It depends on what type of fasting you're doing. Water-only fasts are the strictest, as the name implies. No coffee, no tea, no bone-broth. Only water and raw electrolytes without flavour or sweetness.

REVIVE adheres to the metabolic fasting principles. The main rules are nothing caloric and nothing that raises insulin or blood sugar. It also makes sense not to consume chemicals or additives or artificial ingredients. So a Coke Zero, even though it has no calories and doesn't raise blood sugar or insulin, wouldn't be allowed because it contains many additives and uses artificial sweeteners. Black coffee and tea are allowed and electrolytes containing stevia and a small amount of flavour are allowed.

Although the flavour in REVIVE is derived from fruit extracts, the amount is too small (~60mg per sachet) to make any metabolic impact, it is natural and it is clean. We source the flavour very carefully. As far as stevia goes, it is a natural, non-caloric, non-glycemic sweetener that doesn't raise insulin.

IMPORTANT: If you are following a strict water-only protocol, we suggest using REVIVE before or after your fast, but not during. Some people believe any sweetener, even stevia, is a trigger and would prefer not to have any during a fast. For these people, the same advice applies. Use REVIVE before or after a fast.

To learn more about fasting we recommend Dr Jason Fung's The Complete Guide To Fasting.

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