Electrolytes For Lower Carb Lifestyles

Lower carb lifestyles (including keto, paleo, real-food) are diuretic in nature, which means kidneys excrete more fluid, helping to lower blood pressure, feel less bloated and reduce weight. This is completely natural. However, along with this constant flushing of water, go electrolytes, particularly sodium. If these electrolytes aren't replaced, one ends up feeling lethargic, foggy, crampy and headachy. For beginners starting out, this can be particularly acute (it’s actually called carb-flu) and leads to many people giving up before becoming adapted and getting the great results that are just around the corner.

Even seasoned Low Carbers, who are long past their initial adaption phase, can find themselves feeling sluggish or "not quite right".

The simple answer to combat these symptoms and perform at your best is simply taking daily electrolytes. REVIVE makes it convenient, giving you just the right dose in an easy-to-use sachet that you can take with you and mix anywhere. Just add the right amount of water and shake or stir. Great for traveling. The upside is that your water will taste a lot better too!

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