Electrolytes For Exercise Performance

Revive Keeps You Hydrated

Physical performance demands a lot and REVIVE is perfectly designed to support the modern athlete. Whether you’re looking to build strength, grow your cardiovascular output or improve mobility, REVIVE will keep you hydrated and keep you moving. REVIVE helps prevent muscle cramps and is formulated to be "kind" to your gastrointestinal tract.

Athletes require muscles to contract and nerves to fire at a high level for long periods. Electrolytes carry the positive and negative charges that allow this to happen. In fact, muscles and nerves are sometimes called “electrical tissues”. Our brains also need electrolytes - all those neurons need to fire too. Keeping focus and concentration are as important as moving well.

When we sweat, we lose water and electrolytes, especially sodium. Ever notice the white, salty stains on a cap or shirt after a workout? That's sodium. The average person loses about 1,150mg of sodium per hour of intense exercise.

REVIVE contains the right amount of sodium, potassium and magnesium, in the right ratio, to replace what’s lost. Our sachets have 2x - 5x more electrolytes compared with other hydration products. And because REVIVE is taken with water, you replenish fluid too.

How much should you take? For cardio, endurance or HIIT training, we recommend 1 sachet per 2 hours of intense effort. For moderate effort, 1 sachet per session. On extra hard days, add 1 sachet afterwards for recovery.

For strength training and conditioning, 1 sachet per session. On extra hard days, add 1 sachet afterwards for recovery.

Revive Helps You Keep Lean

Many recreational athletes exercise to lose weight. And advanced athletes must keep lean. To do this, you want to burn as much body fat as possible. Consuming sugar or glucose before or during exercise dramatically reduces fat oxidation (fat burning). Perhaps we should say that again – glucose stops fat burning! That's why Revive has been formulated without sugar or glucose. It is also better for your long term metabolic health.

The traditional idea of taking goos and gels (lots of glucose and sugar) and sugary drinks for energy is outdated, at least during training. Hydration and energy should be separated. More athletes are training fasted these days, or with protein / fat combinations during longer sessions. This signals to your body to burn more fat.

Our approach will keep you hydrated, healthy and lean. Exactly what you need and nothing you don’t.

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