About Us… And What We Stand For

We’re a team of Low Carb enthusiasts and biohackers who have transformed our health by learning more about what to eat… and when.

We believe diet is the biggest lever to pull in order to improve health and avoid serious illness. How do we know this? Because, amidst the global epidemic of obesity and ill-health, hundreds of thousands of people from all corners of the globe have lost weight, dumped their blood pressure and cholesterol pills, reversed chronic illnesses and begun to feel entirely better, simply because they changed what they ate.

Is there a common theme to what all these people did? We think there is. Eating real food (not processed junk) is the start. But it’s a little more than that. Cutting down on sugar, refined carbs and industrial seed oils is the key. And then learning how to eat only when you’re hungry (aka intermittent fasting) and how to prepare delicious, nutrient dense food is the “icing on the cake” (excuse the irony).

We aren’t dogmatic or judgmental about dietary beliefs. This isn’t religion. Whether you label yourself plant-based or carnivore, we are open-minded. But that also doesn’t mean “anything goes”.

We are deeply committed to scientific and clinical evidence, and we like to understand how things work. We are generally skeptical about the influence of big food and pharma companies, and weary of corrupt science. We aren’t fans of ideology masquerading as science, including films such as “What The Health” and "The Game Changers". Let’s rather be clear about our agendas… and biases… and conflicts of interests.

Other than health, it’s critically important to protect our environment, respect the plants and animals that give us sustenance, and ensure the sustainability of our precious soil.

Thank you for being here.

Here’s to a green and healthy future!